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Do you love anything and everything to do with Australia and the surrounding countries? It doesn’t matter what level you write at, we want to hear from you. As long as you are passionate about travel then we will publish your articles. Our criteria for being published is as follows:

1. Please don’t publish your submitted article anywhere else. We cannot accept any articles that are already published on the web. However, you do of course own all the copyright and can publish the article anywhere else as long as it is published a minimum of 2 weeks after it first appears on our site

2. The article must be 400 words in length or more. We cannot accept any article under 400 words in length. We try to provide our readers with useful and interesting information and feel that anything under 400 words simply doesn’t provide enough useful and valuable information to our readers.

You will of course, be able to link to your own site or any other useful resource in the article if you wish.