How to Spend Your Time in Sydney

Sydney is home to quite a lot of different things, and it’s famous for its pristine beaches as well as its numerous cultural hubs and other contemporary attractions.

If you are having troubles mapping out your next large trip, Sydney and Australia as a whole is without a doubt one of the most appropriate places that you can consider. Below you will find some of the popular tourist attractions which are certainly to be considered.

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1. The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The bridge has a very convenient location as it’s situated right next to the world-renowned opera House. It’s by far one of the most iconic landmarks of the city and of the country as well. It’s also commonly referred to as the “Coathanger” by many of the locals. It’s a towering structure which is by far the largest steel arch bridge in the entire world.


2. The Sydney Harbour

Now, a lot of the visitors of the Sydney Harbour are stunned by its massive proportions. It boasts more than 30 square miles of watershed as well as over 150 miles of shoreline. This makes it the largest harbour in the country. This, however, is not the best thing about it – it’s the splendid beauty of the entire place which entices visitors and charms them significantly.


3. The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is without a doubt the most popular structure of this kind in the entire world. It was designed by a Danish architect named Jorn Utzon. Regardless of whether you have opera tickets or tickets for a musical event, visiting the Opera House is absolutely mandatory if you are in Sydney for the first time. The building itself is going to fascinate you with its proportions, and it’s safe to say that the acoustics are more than just splendid.


4. Manly beach

Manly beach offers some of the most prime and appropriate surfing waves in the entire country. And, if there is one thing that Australian beaches are praised for – it’s the surfing opportunity. With this in mind, it’s also well perceived because it’s very close to the city – about 10 miles away in a north-east direction – something which will cost you no more than 10 to 15 minutes to get there, making it particularly desirable.

Of course, there are quite a few other things that you could take a look at if you’ve decided to visit Sydney. The country’s largest town definitely boasts a lot of points of interest, and it’s worth taking a trip to it. You will most certainly enjoy it.